We have imagined an exclusive program for this first time in Sicily of the World Meeting Alfa Tango.

Day 1, Friday 8th September

Milazzo - Panarea - Stromboli by night - Milazzo

We have organized an exclusive excursion to Panarea and Stromboli, the pearls of the Aeolian Islands

Boarding at the port of Milazzo




Leaving the port of Milazzo, with the suggestive view from the sea of the Mamertine promontories where the Castle of Milazzo stands out, we will make a transfer route to Panarea.

Arrival in Panarea

Panarea is truly unique in its charm and beauty. From the port there is direct access to the picturesque village of San Pietro with typical white houses arranged next to each other, set in a colorful nature. From here, among the many meeting places, restaurants, small shops and boutiques scattered along the narrow streets that cross it, it is possible to reach the main points of attraction (on foot or with typical local taxis):
- the Church of San Pietro - with its valuable mosaic and the terrace from which you can enjoy a beautiful panorama, Drauto
- the Cala degli Zimmari – with its particular sandy beach. From here a path of steps leads to the promontory of Capo Milazzese
- the suggestive Cala Junco Bay, an incomparable cove with breathtaking colors and crystalline sea that hosts a small pebble beach.
- Above, in the frame, a prehistoric village dating back to the Bronze Age (1400 BC) with the remains of 22 oval-shaped stone huts and one quadrangular, perhaps a place of meeting and worship of the community.

Once you have reached the island, you will be able to observe the enchanting bay of Cala Junco, Caletta dei Zimmari, and Drauto bay from the sea.

Stop in Panarea

Continuation to the port of S. Pietro for the landing with a stop of about two hours and thirty minutes. to allow the visit of the island, bathing or lunch in local restaurants.

Boarding towards Stromboli

Departure from Panarea and passage through the ancient volcanic caldera whose remains form a mini-archipelago in front of the island: Dattilo, Panarelli, Lisca Nera, Lisca Bianca, Bottaro, Basiluzzo with Punta Spinazzola where the internal part of an ancient crater resides the "Grotta del Carbone".

Then transfer to the island of Stromboli, "iddu", the black giant that emerges in all its grandeur from the intense blue sea, for millennia one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with its "Strombolian shots" – explosions of lapilli, ashes and magma visible at regular intervals of 15/20 minutes – is like a beacon for sailors.

Arrival in Stromboli

Arrived at the port of S. Vincenzo "Scari", immediately attacked, long black beaches of pebbles and sand alternate. From here, a road crosses the village climbing up until you reach the Church of San Vincenzo with its panoramic square in front of which you can see Strombolicchio, also known as the "grandfather of Stromboli", a part of solidified internal lava of the oldest volcanic cone of all the Aeolian Islands, above which the lighthouse of the island was planted.

Transfer to the Sciara del Fuoco

Here a stop of about two hours and thirty minutes is foreseen. at the end of which, after boarding, a visit from the sea to Strombolicchio is foreseen and subsequently the transfer under the Sciara del Fuoco where a brief stop from the sea is foreseen to admire the activity of the volcano with the lights of the sunset.

Before returning to Milazzo, a dish of a typical Aeolian Maccheronata will be served on board.

Return to Milazzo
In the event of adverse weather conditions, the organization is preparing an alternative trip to a renowned Sicilian tourist location.
For those unwilling and/or unable to take part in the mini cruise, it will be possible to spend hours in freedom in the shopping streets of the center of Milazzo and take part in a guided tour of the Castle of Milazzo at 5.30 pm, cost €5 per person (to be paid directly on site at the ticket office).

Day 2, Saturday 9th September

Day off

For those who want to go to the beach, go shopping at the nearby shopping center or simply go for a walk in the city center and enjoy a typical Sicilian granita, an ad hoc shuttle service will be available for hotel guests

In order to make the event even more pleasant, the organization has decided to add another characteristic "service": a tourist train. "The little train will cross Milazzo, on a tourist route between the Port and Marina Garibaldi, then continuing to Capo Milazzo, returning from via Umberto I, to the initial port stop at a cost of 15 euros per person (including the transfer from and to the location of the meeting); the maximum number of people that can be transported is 25, therefore we invite those interested to kindly give us a nod (via email), so as to plan the number of trips to be made during the day".

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Day 3, Sunday 10th September

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